Label Services

We are a full service company contributing to the careers of many of your favorite artists past and present. We are responsible for countless success stories, striving ourselves on artist development and being a one stop shop for any talent. Bringing quality music to the forefront while providing the keys for full artist empowerment.

Event/Tour Curation & Production

Successfully throwing some of the most curated events, mansion parties and tours across the country. Let us curate your next event or tour, from finding the location(s), artists, celebrity guests, DJ’s, promoters, layout, activations, press, sponsors and anything you might need to create a memorable moment.

Youtube Campaigns

Running successful campaigns for countless years. We target your audience through AD’s, play-listing and multiple marketing methods to help you reach new views, engagement and subscribers.

A&R Consulting

Receive the tools and connections you need to amplify your next project or release. From the studio to the final mix, we are here to help you bring your talents out within your music.

Global Distribution

Providing artists with a massive platform while allocating the tools they need to service and distribute their music to the world. A very unique and modern company operating with a marketing machine and the resources you need to reach millions of new fans.

Business Structure

Always wanted to start a business? Maybe you just need the right structure, plan, branding, relations, access or direction? We are here to personally guide you to your dreams and help you reach your fullest potential.

TikTok Campaigns

TikTok is one of the largest growing apps within the past year, catapulting numerous artists and influencers to a higher platform. We provide you with curated campaigns consisting of countless TikTok stars that can deliver millions of views and priceless attention to you, your music, brand or product.

Creative Consulting

Proven to be one of the more creative agencies in todays industry. Bring us on board and allow us to etch out your vision into a campaign. Living in an era where it is more than just the music, let us think outside the box for you and properly gift your music, brand or product to the world.


One of the premier PR/Publicity companies in the music and entertainment industry. Contributing, connecting the dots and evolving the careers of countless artists through multiple facets, platforms and partnerships. Turning just a name or idea into a house hold conversation.

Influencer Campaigns

We work directly with some of the largest influencers, youtube stars, celebrities and athletes. Allow us to configure your next influencer campaign for your music, social media, brand or product.

Social Media Campaigns

One of the industry leaders in organic social media growth. Allow us to structure a campaign specific to your needs and knock your social media out of the park. We target the exact audience and specific demographic you are searching for in order to take your brand and fan base to the next level.

Global Marketing

Propelling brands and artists to the limelight as we create attention, conversation and demand on a global level. Bringing you, your brand or product to the forefront and allowing you to not only maximize your audience, but your awareness and profit as well.

Playlist Campaigns

From official to independent playlists, our success rate is impeccable. Allow us to secure the playlist support you need on your next release to reach the masses. Our team provides targeted play-listing to fit your genre and specific song in order to maximize your records performance.


We have access to digital and physical billboards in your city and across the United States. The possibilities are endless, from Times Square, Los Angeles, a college campus to a mobile van with your personal advertisement driving around the city. Let us take your next campaign to a new level.

LVLUP your career, brand & company today

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