A modern day one stop label/agency connecting the dots, developing and elevating the careers for many of your favorite artists, influencers and brands. Taking a sound or idea and turning it into a household conversation. Ten steps ahead of the field, we pave your own unique path to success, creating iconic moments and stars throughout the world. We provide the necessary tools and resources to generate and guide countless individuals or companies to reach their super star potential.



Mark Spratley (Sprat) AKA “SpratFool” has been a key component and highly coveted player within the music industry for almost six years now. A one man machine, Sprat is a marketing guru, legendary event curator, influencer, record label owner and former writer. Contributing to the success stories of many artists, brands and companies throughout the world all while creating his own lane, influence and successful line of companies.

Check in on Mark Spratley at SpratFool.com

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